Swedish Massage

A'Tep Herbal Swedish Massage : Benefits And More

What is A'Tep Herbal Swedish massage?

A’Tep Herbal Swedish Massage is the classic and traditional massage that you may have seen in movies and advertising, even if you haven’t experienced it personally.

It’s include many massage techniques, but all combine to deliver a delightfully relaxing massage through gentle circular pressure applied by the therapist’s hands (known professionally as ‘friction’).

A'Tep Herbal Swedish massage benefits

The goal of this massage treatment is to improve your blood flow circulation and give relaxation through soothing your muscles. Therfore it is quite different from deep tissue massage or sports massage.

These techniques required using soft strokes over areas which are more prone to pain, or without much muscle coverage. The pressure will change and the massage will be deeper depend on the body part.

A’Tep Herbal Swedish massage has numerous of benefits, including:

✔️ Easing of muscle pain

✔️ Increase blood circulation

✔️ Increase movement range

✔️ Physical stress reduction

✔️ Emotional stress reduction

✔️ Increase AIDs imunity

✔️ Release dopamine

✔️ Improve sleep quality

Difference between Aroma Therapy and A'Tep Herbal Swedish massage

An aroma therapy massage can be a Swedish massage.

In an aroma therapy massage, a custom blend of essential oils is added to your massage oil to ease mental or physical ailments.

Difference between Thai massage and A'Tep Herbal Swedish massage

Thai massage doesn’t use oils and is usually done on the floor, rather than on a table. The therapist will helps the recipient into assisted yoga positions to stretch and relax the body. It’s sometimes focuses on acupressure points and more vigorous than swedish massage.