Massage Therapy

We happily provide our full body, deep tissue massage services to the big guys too. Come on in for a visit to A’Tep Herbal Spa and let us handle those sore, aching muscles. We’ll make sure you feel loose as a goose and fresh as a daisy ready to tackle anything that comes your way.


Body Care

We offer a full range of body treatments delivered in the privacy area. The therapists we work with are highly-qualified and use premium products for a smooth finish and long-lasting result. Enjoy the luxury and comfort of an at body care service.


Half Body

We put a lot of pressure with only our most premium aromatherapy oils to help ease stress and improve circulation for each high intensity part.

Nail Care

If you’re looking for healthy, durable nails with long-lasting color, our highly-skilled nail technicians carry a wide range of premium polishes, both classic (Orly) and gel (Avatino) to deliver an immaculate manicure & pedicure. Come in and let us get your nails started on the path to being healthy and happy.


Facial Massage

Revitalizes and makes your skin emit a picture-perfect glow with nature’s moisturizing and nourishing elements.

Facial Treatment

Skincare products work better, such as vitamin c, antioxidants, glycolic acid, and other ingredients that are often present in moisturizers, toners, and face masks. Also, pores are left clean minimizing the risk of an acne flare-up.


Hair Treatment

Natural ingredients to protect your hair and Oiled head massage focuses on the areas where stress and tension commonly gather to De-Stressing and Anti-Dandruff.